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Timelines 5 New Timeline Options

Timeline 3: .timeline-right

The Start
Feb 2011

John & Mike Doe meet for first at Kings College London

Abico caecus immitto iustum lenis os si validus vindico. Euismod interdico os suscipere.

April 2011

John Doe launches first website

Fere quidem utinam. Hendrerit occuro oppeto torqueo usitas. Causa defui enim ibidem interdico melior olim oppeto zelus.

The Middle
Sept 2011

The company was born

Natu uxor vel volutpat. Gilvus hendrerit jumentum patria quae quidem valetudo.

Dec 2011

Company lands first major client

Dolus ea enim iusto quibus refero saepius similis ymo. Camur capto cui damnum pagus suscipere utrum velit vicis vulpes.

To be continued........


4 Timeline variations (combine with .timeline) classes available:

  1. Default : class="timeline" = default, 2 items per row, floating left & right, timeline runs down the middle. Is stacked on mobile.
  2. timeline-left : class="timeline timeline-left" = 1 item per row, floating left, timeline runs down the left with markers aligned left
  3. timeline-right : class="timeline timeline-right" = 1 item per row, floating right, timeline runs down the right with markers aligned right
  4. timeline-stacked : class="timeline timeline-stacked" = posts stack on top of each other, 1 item per row, timeline runs down the middle, markers show above posts. Is default mobile layout.

Timeline item (combine with .timeline-item) classes available:

  1. overlap-off = drops the item overlap
  2. overlap-pull-large = class to pull item up 120px
  3. overlap-pull-small = class to pull item up 30px
  4. overlap-push-large = class to push item down 120px
  5. overlap-push-medium = class to push item down 60px
  6. overlap-push-small = class to push item down 30px
  7. right = pulls item to right
  8. highlight = highlights the marker with primary colour

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